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Invisible Girl Daily

Sou do tipo de pessoa que molha a casa depois da banho, come doces antes do almoço, briga com amigos as vezes sem razão, come toda a pipoca durante os trailers, erra, mas afinal quem é perfeito? Aproveite a vida enquanto a tempo.

Invisible Girl Daily

I'm lettin' go of the hurt

What do you do when you're stuck because the one that you love has pushed you away and you can't deal with the pain?

You're tryin' to fix me mend what he did. And i'm lookin' for the piece that i'm missing. I still miss him... You are giving me all your time. You could be my hero if only i could let go but his love is still in me. And now everybody are tryin' to convice me that he wasn't worth it. 

I feel burned and i'm torn inside and i feel love but i just can't embrace it. When it comes to you i'm never good enough...And there's no one else to blame, i'm so scared i'll take off and run.
Tell me why I keep trying  stay around. I'm figthing i don't wanna like it. I don't want you back. I'd rather be alone in my world. I'm putting my defenses up because i don't wanna fall in love, not again. Be quiet, let me leave, let me go, don't say another word... i'm not hanging on because i threw all your drama away.Had something good but it's gone... I'm lettin' go of the hurt.