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Invisible Girl Daily

Sou do tipo de pessoa que molha a casa depois da banho, come doces antes do almoço, briga com amigos as vezes sem razão, come toda a pipoca durante os trailers, erra, mas afinal quem é perfeito? Aproveite a vida enquanto a tempo.

Invisible Girl Daily

I´m just me. i´m a ordinary girl...


I Love who i am

Sometimes i'm lazy, Sometimes i get scared, Sometimes i feel happy,Sometimes i feel ignored,Sometimes i get silly,Sometimes i get bored.

I make wishes,i  have dreams.

Sometimes i cry for any reason,

Sometimes i choke on my own words,Sometimes i feel insecure .

 But  I still want to believe that  anything can happen in this world. So I don´t worry about what people say.

Sometimes i wish that they could see that underneath.To let them know who i am and how i feel, so maybe they could understand me and then they can judge me.

I love my people

I´m just a ordinary girl...