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Invisible Girl Daily

Sou do tipo de pessoa que molha a casa depois da banho, come doces antes do almoço, briga com amigos as vezes sem razão, come toda a pipoca durante os trailers, erra, mas afinal quem é perfeito? Aproveite a vida enquanto a tempo.

Invisible Girl Daily

Sai sai daqui <3

I'm not waiting for an answer I've had enough of this I've been channeling my anger And I'm scared I'm going to miss Your excuses are ten to the pound Give it a rest, you're out of your mind.

I'm waiting for you miss me. If you look closely you will see that I go away just for you to miss me. And die a little every day when I realize that you don't care. You and me are totally strangers. And I'm an idiot to think that you care when you are a stranger to me.